QMobile Noir A500 specifications and Price in Pakistan

Qmobile Noir A500 – 14990 PKR

Q Mobile launched another quad core phone Qmobile noir a500 with 512 MB RAM. As we know that Qmobile is not a manufactural company, they import mobile phones from china and named after them. This Qmobile Noir A500 is actually Gionee CTRL V4. The main specifications of this mobile are:

Noir A500

Qmobile Noir A500
Display 4.5”, 480 x 854 pixels
Processor 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core Cortex-A7, GPU PowerVR Series 5XT
3G Yes
OS Android : 4.2 Jelly Bean
Camera Primary Camera: 5 MP, LED flashSecondary camera: VGA
ROM 4GB built-in
Battery 1800 mAh
Card Slot: Supports up to 32GB
Dimensions 136 x 64 x 9.7 mm
Weight N/A

92 thoughts on “QMobile Noir A500 specifications and Price in Pakistan

  1. Sensor Problem hai call karte hee l c d black ho jati hai Dam…..set kharab hai aur memori card kaharb nikla. west ho gaye paise

    • Ho skta ha proximity sensor ka problem ha…

      • Admin, what is the solution? just send phone in warrenty?

        • Yes, u have to send in warranty if it is a serious problem.
          But i did not find this problem in my set which i purchased today.
          You should see the protector which is near the proximity sensor that it should not cover the sensor,

    • ap noir a 500 ki bat kar re o..??
      ap ne new lia tha??
      itni jldi cell kese kharab ho sakta hai??

    • yes, this set has the problem with proximity sensor..
      darn, i didnt I read your comment yesterday before purchasing this phone :(

      • But Hassan Today i purchase this set. And i did not find proximity sensor problem even i call with it to check the problem but it was fine. Perhaps in some devices it will be a problem, but the device which i purchased today is fine with respect to proximity sensor.

        • well I sent phone to warranty, it came back on July 30, and qmobile staff claimed they replaced hardware..
          after using 2 days, I found, proximity sensor is working fine now, but some applications do have problem. like when running some video in Chrome, it just close down automatically, or If I browse some websites for some time, it just close chrome automatically.
          same with some game when I play them for a while they get closed automatically.

          • This type of problem i have seen in Noir A60 and Noir A2 also. Q Mobile must ensure that all the devices they import must be in 100 % working condition. This is so irritating that one problem is solved and the other one is there.

          • yup it was also happend with me in games etc i was thinking that its a cell prb but u clearify it now tell me what should i do shal i purchase it again or not my email is junaidbutt101@gmail.com hope to read u soon

          • junaid have you bought the phone or you wanna buy this phone.

    • jb call krte hen to l c d to black hoti he ku k is main G sensore jo he

  2. Qmobile Noir A500 have 3G Network ???
    You have written in specification.
    Plzzz reply me i want to buy & what about its bettery timing

    • Yes it has 3G network. A500 is actually Gionee CTRL V4. You can see specs of Gionee ctrl v4 that it has 3G.

  3. I want to buy this cell please told me about her battery timing plz!

    • You know that this cell is a female ? :)
      Ok i will tell about battery timing of QMobile Noir A500 after examining..

  4. is A 500 available in white colour?

  5. i buy new mobile Qmobile A500, issue is mobile working stop during using any application.

    • This issue is told by only you till now..

    • same problem I’m facing now
      chrome browser close itself when watching some movies

      • I found this type of problem in Noir A60. Does this issue can be resolved via warranty claim ?

        • I’m planning to go to warranty center again after Eid holidays..this problem is irretating

        • I think I found the problem. Out of 512MB RAM 463MB RAM is continue in use even if I’m not running any game or song or anything.
          setting>>Apps >> Running apps
          running apps are showing only 100MB+ Ram, but overall ram usage is 463MB, therefore when I run any game or open any website in chrome, full 512MB RAM gets use and game/chrome gets hanged.
          can you check your A500 on what RAM usage in there? I need to confirm either its the problem of every set or only mine, so that I can send it to warranty again.

  6. do A500 and A900 have a same cup and gpu???

  7. Tell me that should I buy noir a500 because i buy a mobile in a long time.plzzz reply fast admin

    • The cell is overall good, but as many users found faults in their handsets so i advice you to buy any branded cell phone other than QMobile.

  8. Is Qmobile Noir A20 good to buy

    • About qmobile A20 it is heard that there is a wifi connectivity issue. But people over the internet are saying that there is no such issue. As there is a comment of a person which i am quoting below:

        Guys i am gonna give you detailed review of noir a20. Hope you will read it carefully and will not ask any more question. it’s battery timing is 1.5 day with use…IN STAND BY IT MAY BE used for 3 DAYS…camera is HD..front camera is also good but pictures taken from front camera after rendering give poor result…performance is very fast gta 1gb, nfs 1.8 gb, asphalt 6 also installed…i think its enough for you to unerstand…no signal or wifi issue has been experienced since 5 days…03056461667 Talib e dua adnan

  9. thanks but can u give me any suggestion that which mobile should i buy in a range of 16000 to 17000 or lower

    • What are your preferences ? Which screen size you want ? which type of processor you want ?
      Within this range,HTC Rhyme you can buy, it has a good ram but the processor is 1 GHz.

  10. screen upto 4.5 inches,dual core or quad core processor

  11. I have bought A500 can u tell me how to install games in it..hehe

  12. two weeks ago i purchased qmobile A2 Lite Bolt. i would say the worst experience of my life. worst battery timings, worst speed, worst sound quality, software issues. keyboard gets hanged and starts operating itself. formatted it, restored factory settings, flashed it too. all in vain. atlast sold it out back to same shopkeeper wit 1500 Rs. loss yesterday.

  13. planning to buy a500 now. tell me in clear cut words, should i go for it or not? already heart broken after the A2 worst experience. which problems does it have? and what is the credibility? Regards.

    • As far as A500 is concerned, some people have found problems in their handsets. But these problems are not with the All A500. You should buy with the name of ALLAH and your device will be fine in sha ALLAH. :)

  14. why LCD black in call time . i have purchased this phon ,, please give me solution that call time Lcd black …. please

    • Open Dialer and write *#8702# system dubug option will open:
      1- if you see japanese options. Just press the 2nd one.
      2- Then Scroll down you will find FM option …
      3- Press the second option above Fm option on the same line in japanese you will find a rating of you touch.
      4-put your finger on your sensors and the screen will turn green.
      5- press the “second button” from the three given buttons below your screen.
      6- don’t pick your finger from the sensors…
      7- when you press the second button the screen will reset on its normal black color
      8- pick your finger up and away from you sensors and press the same second button again (don’t put your finger on sensors just press the button)
      9- it will again reset and the just press the exit button the third one and then the white button at the down corner of the page…
      10- you will come back to your dialer.. everything WORKS 100% PERFECTLY … just reboot if you want to… call and check your sensors and screen will not turn off when calling or receiving call…

  15. adminnnn what if i see chinese,instead of japanese? repl plz =(

  16. i want to purchase Q A500 .please brief me what should i do ? is it confident or not?

    • Have you read all the comments there. ? There is only one complaint about proximity sensor which solution is also there. Hopefully your phone will have no issue. With the name of ALLAH, buy the phone :)

  17. Dear Admin
    Few days ago i bought A500..but im facing some problems like,
    1- its turned off itself, when its not in my working…till that i dont remove its batery its not turned on…I want know is it virus activity or any hardware issue.
    2- when i take photos its show me very bad result…but when the same photo i export some where else like another mobile or pc…its result is perfect…but all other pic like themes, wall papers are working fine..so where is problem???

    Hope to see your reply soon.

    • Perhaps your mobile battery is loose that its turned off itself or it may be software issue. Try resetting your mobile phone to see if the problem solved or not.
      For your second issue i can not say anything what i suggest is to reset your phone.
      If it does not solve the solution then you have to go to the QMobile service center.

  18. thanks. i have read all the comments. now i am satisfied.

  19. aoa yar aess mob ki battrey time boht kam hai ye masla mery mob mai e hai k sbb k sath ya e masla hai

  20. Dear admin plz explain what is ‘proximity sensor’…?

  21. Dear admin please elaborate ‘What is proximity sensor problem’….?

    • In QMobile A500, there are many users which reported this proximity sensor problem in A500 .When they bring mobile close to their phones, the light of LCD closes but when they remove phone from their ears, the light do not turn on.

      • Sir i wanna buy Qmobile Noir A500, what i should do…?
        Buy or not. If the answer is in buy then which things(features) i should check(concentrate) on buying time.
        please clear me. Thanks in advance….!

        • You should buy because it is not a bad phone. If u are buying a second hand phone, then check calling through cell phone and check whether the light turns on again after the call is disconnected.

  22. My hep tick feedback not working properly please reply any solution. some times its works sometimes not

  23. ye mobile kuch sahi tarah kam nhe kar raha janab pta nahi songs ke doran hang hota jhay

  24. I Want to Parches this Mobile Tell me ka Mujhy lena chaheya ka nh????????????????????????

  25. Which one is better..voice v40 or qmobile a500??

  26. I have to buy this phone bt I have some questions.
    1. Is ki games me working kesi hai?
    2.wifi range kesi hai à60 k muqablay me?
    3. Set hang to nhi hota?
    4. Games ya browser chaltay chaltay band to nhi hotay aur browser speed kaisi hai.
    5. Games k liye kitni storage hai?

  27. plz tell me is this mobile a500 is 3g mobile

  28. i hav a prblm frnds wid my Noir A500 … everytime when i unlock or awake my phone its shows .. “Network error please check the network”
    .. can u plz tell me how to sort out this problem .. thanks a lot

  29. Call karte hoi screen black ho jati ha

  30. dear is ki battery diming kim hai battery timing birhane k lie kon c settings kirne pire gi plz tell me step by step about settings

  31. Q mobile A 500 Acha he ya A 550 in me kia farq he tell me plzz

  32. Admin
    Mein apse puchna cahta hon k mere A500 mein ek problem ha woh kabhi network signal full show karwata ha to kabhi dono sim k ek dam se kam aur ek dam full ho jatay ha jab k usi jagah per mere dusaray cell mein signal bilkul kam nahi hote to yeh signal ic problem han ya anteena ki problem ha reply soon on my email plz i’m worried….

    • I think hardware problem hai, ap QMobile customer care le jayein phone ko woh apko thek guide ker sakein gey.

  33. Sir A500 ma hum 3g use kr skate Han?

  34. I m using a500 nice phone but when i using wifi crom broser close automatically and som time black screen for long time no button working until i remove bettry admin plz tell me about that abhi to lya he ak week hoa he.

  35. Kuch friends ne btaia he 3 g a500 pe nahi chalega? Is true?

  36. Crom browser bund hoojata is ka khttps:ia

  37. koi hy yahan a500 kharedny wala mary fon ma koi problem nahi ak mahena warenty hy,,03005169512

  38. mujeee qmobile noir a500 ka motherbord chahiya kesi kee pass hai agar hai to mujee msg karain 03414518241

  39. i have a500 but net is not working on my cell. plz tell me whats problm i cant understand.. admin plz tell me any suggestion.

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