Calme Spark S10 specifications and price in Pakistan

Calme Spark S10 – 13000 PKR

There comes another Pakistani company Calme stepped into the android phones. Calme Spark S10 is a quad core phone by Calme with 4.5 inch IPS screen and a 1 GB of RAM with dual sim support.

With the almost similar specs, there are other android phones in the market such as Gfive G7, Gright Inspire A380 and QMobile Noir A500. The company should give something new to users such as less price or big screen or more ROM.

calme spark s10

The main specifications of the mobile phone are:

Calme Spark S10
Display 4.5″ IPS WVGA Touch Screen
Processor 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core processor,MediaTek MT6572 quad core Cortex A7 ProcessorMali 400MP GPU (Checked by me)
3G Yes
OS Android : 4.2 Jelly Bean
Camera Primary Camera: 8 MP 
LED flashSecondary camera: 2 MP
ROM 4GB built-in
Battery 1670 mAh
Card Slot: Supports up to 64 GB
Dimensions 133.3 x 65.3 x 9.0 mm
Weight N/A

Back Camera of Spark S10

When i checked the camera of Spark S10, it was at 4M pixel as written on the below screenshot.

back camera of calme spark s10

Now screenshots showed by Calme Mobile facebook page, showing by clicking on preview size and click on the standard 4:3 .

back camera of spark s10

back camera of spark s10

When click on the preview size to standard 4:3 . Picture size gives two new options , 5M and 8M Pixels.

back camera of spark s10

back camera of spark s10

back camera of spark s10

I apologize people for the previous info as i previously said that i am not the enemy of Calme Mobiles. I was just saying what i saw. I demanded screenshots of Camera but they have shown now on their official Facebook page. So i updated there.

33 thoughts on “Calme Spark S10 specifications and price in Pakistan

    1. On The display picture of the mobile. There is written 3G. But on calme mobiles there is only 2G network written. I found it is available in Multan. I have used it by my hands. The performance was not so bad. But I had just cheked something, Like camera. In the camera there is written 4M pixels. I had talked to Calme official they say that camera is 8M pixels. Apart from pixels camera result was not so bad.

  1. Today i had again checked this mobile by sending my cousin to that shop. And He confirmed that the Camera is 4 MP and the GPU is MALI 400 MP.

  2. Haseeb is right it is 8mp you just go to camera setting
    preview size is full screen change it to (standard 4:3)
    then again check picture size 5m and 8m pixels options will be available.

  3. Dont give wrong information if you cannot understand even very basic settings. And also its chipset is mt6582 but you have mentioned mt6572. Some websites say it is mt 6589 but practically it is mt6582.
    And also dont compare it with qmobile’s a500 which has only half the specs of this set. Please share right information

    1. I am not giving wrong information. All the things which i specified i checked with my own hands. I had seen this information in cpu z software. Camera i checked is 4 MP. I had also taken the snapshot and check the resolution. Perhaps i am wrong. If u are right then give me proof by sharing screenshot. Meri koi dushmani nahi Calme mobile se. Me remove ker doon ga ap screenshot tau share kerein…

  4. TO all the officials of calme mobile, who are commenting here and saying admin about not mentioning, the right specification, please visit your fb page and see the specs of s8,s9 and s10, try to fing the blunders in the specs your fb team has made their, then come back here and demand, any sort of change, btw i do agree with you suggession, as i have already read this and is present in a review of a famous mobile, but as a policy i will not be mentioning the name, or only if admin allows me for later, but this is not a good practice, to say to any admin like this, with out providing any info, secondly i came across your fb page gave it a look, and found all the blunders you have made, this is the only reason when i contacted with one of gadget reviewers, they said, the company is so nube that they do not know what they have with them :/ So better before saying anything to only one page that have dared to share your highly confusing specification to the audience, you should correct your mistakes so that, others who do not understand you as a serious company, give you a look of interest 🙂

    1. Guess what? we the team of calme mobiles dont give a damn care what jealoused people like you think really.You want to give review on the phone then atleast do this correctly.Watch your words please ,you fags are nube really. We are equipped with best phones and we know their specs very well. Despite the fact some errors we made but still we regret about it . The information isnt confusing ,you guys dont have the mind to grasp them .

      1. Mr Abdul Haseeb, what is your degree? I mean you do not seem to be a professional markertting person, you do not know how to deal with your customers, a customer might be arrogant, but you have to be calm , when your customer has a point, but if you really want a challenge, i will tell you more than that about the technical details, btw my degree is in physics and i am not a nube in this tech world, secondly, if no customer pay attention to your phone then don’t bark , just try to spark with your phone, (I have used word bark very delibrately, because you used such a word that I had to repy that, so stay cool with your customers, no one is jealous with you, if you do not agree, go to voice mobile pae i am using their phone but i do comment them what ever improvement i see can be brought with my advise and they do reply, that we will try to improve, but you people do nt even have sense and responsibility of how to own your company)

  5. Customer Service of this company is just pathetic. If you go there for any sort of repair they will say that every part in your mobile needs to be replaced with new one even before opening the mobile and their charges for those parts are extra ordinary high. They demanded Rs5000 for just replacement of lcd where as last month i replaced lcd of my qmobile noir a600 in just Rs1800. So they want to earn huge money from just repairs.

  6. This mobile is actually a dual core mt6572 not a quad core mt6582. I have verified it myself through mediatek’s droid tool which says that processor listing shown in the mobile is a fake one and it is actually mt6572. they have changed build.prop to miss guide some android application like antutu benchmark to show 4 cores where as only 2 cores seem to work does’t matter how many multiple application you open only 2 cores will share the workload and other 2 fake core will remain sleeping all the time

  7. this is a g00d m0b bt n0t best……its camera is not g00d…and all 0ther apps are 0utstanding…….. 3G service als0 in it……… camera is s0me hw n0t upt0 the mark….

    1. Its android version cannot be upgraded. Can you tell us the performance of calme spark s10 ? Give your short review about calme spark s10 ?

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